Our aim is to assist you in delivering high quality software on time to your customers. To achieve this we:

  • Tailor our engagement to your individual needs. We do this by developing a deep understanding of your software culture and your product under test. Where appropriate, we supplement our knowledge by researching white papers, examining industry best practices and generally educating ourselves on your product and the market it serves.
  • Use processes that are built around international testing standards and proven methodologies.
  • Offer a variety of services for independent and outsourced product testing, test management, test team establishment, test process evaluation and improvement.
  • Provide high visibility of our work with frequent, open and honest communication, including on-going reports and ad-hoc updates that provide you with accurate and useful information on the status of testing and product quality.

When you engage us, you can expect highly-skilled staff from Encompass who are as passionate about your product as you are.  We are not a testing body-shop or a recruitment agency. We are a tight knit team who believe that our solid processes, professionalism and core values will make a difference to your product.

independent / outsourced product testing

Encompass has a team of expert test resources to test your product and can help you meet short-term needs or scale to meet growth requirements. We have the experience and skills to provide the depth and breadth of testing that you require, including:

  • Outsourcing of selected test tasks or comprehensive product testing according to your requirements
  • Guaranteed highly skilled resources
  • Open communication, high visibility and on-going reporting
  • A test program that is based on a test philosophy that emphasises flexibility and adaptation to your software culture.

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Independent product and project testing (PDF)

test management

Every Encompass test manager brings a wealth of experience, a desire to work with people and a willingness to pull out all the stops in order to get the product tested expertly and efficiently. Encompass test managers understand the challenges associated with getting a product ready for deployment. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to manage testing in a highly professional but enthusiastic and collaborative manner.

Encompass test management can offer your business the following skills:

  • Provide mentoring and leadership to test teams
  • Manage small through to complex test projects
  • Provide guidance in staffing requirements
  • Help to anticipate and overcome obstacles that can hinder or slow testing tasks
  • Provide expertise in preparing the test strategy and other test planning documents
  • Provide timely and informative reporting metrics to stakeholders who need to make shipping or deployment decisions.

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Value added test management (PDF)

test team establishment

There are a number of different ways you can approach test team establishment and formalising testing within your organisation.

Effective test teams don't just happen. Understanding what your options are is only part of the equation.

We can help you create the right team with the right fit to supplement and improve existing processes. We can:

  • Develop a high level test strategy based around your organisation's culture and software development approach 
  • Advise on strategies to avoid conflicts that can arise with change involved in introducing a new team
  • Help you understand what kind of team would best work within your organisation
  • Ensure stakeholder expectations will be met.

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Creating dynamic test teams (PDF)

test process evaluation and improvement

Sometimes a test team can stagnate and lose its motivation to improve. Sometimes a test team just needs a change, or a sanity check on how well their processes are working.

Encompass can look at your overall testing process and let you know how you are tracking. We can propose improvements to specific areas, or overhaul your test processes in general. We can help get your own teams curious and excited again about possibilities and achievements.

We use a number of different checklists and methodologies, but we never forget to get our hands dirty, talk to people a lot and understand how your team works together before we'll propose any change.

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Test process evaluation and improvement (PDF)