Product Testing Deliverables

Our product test deliverables will always vary according to our customer's requirements. So our first step in any engagement is working with our customer to determine what we need to deliver.

However, the most common deliverables we produce for product testing include: 

  • Master Test Plan - record of the test planning process (IEEE 829:1998)
  • Test List - the easy to follow summary of each test and its objective. This is usually crucial to ensuring an effective review of the test design and weeding out the redundant test cases that just get in the way
  • Test Specification - the set of test cases
  • Test Results
  • Defect Reports
  • Test Summary and Progress Reports and Graphs
  • Test Evaluation Report - a document containing test statistics and an evaluation of how test process might be improved
  • Traceability Matrix - traceability from requirements/use cases/development specifications to test cases
  • Checklists - tailored to each client to assist tracking and decision-making

All content and format is tailored to our customer's specific needs. Where possible, we use automated test management tools to provide this information and where applicable, we will also develop automated regression test scripts.