Our Philosophy

encompass / (say en'kumpuhs) / verb (t)

  1. include in scope; include as part of something broader
  2. to form a circle about; encircle; enclose; surround
  3. to accomplish; achieve

At Encompass we believe that testing is an integral part of the development process. Development methodologies and technologies change over time but the goal of delivering good software remains constant. Our test consultants have a wealth of experience and can tailor test processes to suit your development methodology and organisational culture.

We believe that early involvement of test resources is always essential. But more than that, we believe that pro-active test resources - professionals who participate, innovate and communicate in a collaborative manner - are important in any successful software deployment.  

As testers, we may not be primarily responsible for deployment decisions but we can provide you with relevant, accurate and timely information to help you make the right decision with confidence.

Our aim is to build working relationships with development teams and project stakeholders based on mutual respect where we work together in a collaborative rather than combative manner. We believe that by working well with people while maintaining a level of objectivity and independence, we can help deliver much better software.

We earn the respect of development teams through a combination of our professionalism, the level of our technical knowledge and ability, our accurate and timely test reporting, the quality of our defect identification and ultimately with the value they see we add to the project.

Even though our primary focus is software testing; our clients tell us that our involvement and feedback help them improve other aspects of their software development process.