About Us

Founded in 2001, Encompass Testing is a boutique software testing firm delivering pragmatic and proactive software testing services. Our clients include a number of high profile banking, telecommunications and government organisations throughout Australia.

why we're different

At Encompass Testing, we are a group of highly-skilled software testers who are passionate about what we do. Our testing consultants are expert in industry trends and methodologies and we are equally adept at adapting the approach to best fit your needs. We are proactive, no-nonsense testers who enjoy dealing with people. We have a proven ability to add value within your organisation.

pragmatic approach to software testing

Encompass Testing takes a pragmatic approach to software testing. Our team of highly-skilled test professionals can develop a testing approach that works for your organisation. We provide easy to understand, relevant information when you need it and that allows you to make the right deployment-readiness decisions without sacrificing software quality.

core values

At Encompass we believe that the way we operate genuinely matters and that our testing philosophy makes a genuine difference to our customers' projects.

  • We are committed to delivering services of exceptional quality and value for clients
  • We are an ethical organisation performing with openness, honesty and integrity
  • We employ staff of exceptional competence and provide a work environment in which they can excel.

Encompass Testing Overview (PDF)